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News of the killing of Mastermind Masood Azhar of Pakistan / Pulwama attack

Government of Pakistan has not confirmed Masood's death till datePak Foreign Minister had said that the condition of Masood Azhar was very fragileEarlier reports said that Azhar was admitted to the Army Hospital

Islamabad. In the Pakistan media report, the demise of the pioneer of the Jaish-e-Mohammed Masood Azhar is being asserted. He is the driving force of the fear based oppressor assault in Kashmir's Pulwama a month ago. The news office, INS told the report that Masood Azhar was slaughtered amid the move made by the IAF in Balakot. Nonetheless, no affirmation was made in such manner by the Pakistan government and its military. 

The Indian Aviation based armed forces had said about the move made on 26th February that on this issue the legislature will choose whether the proof of air strikes ought to be made open or not. In any case, Indian Aviation based armed forces had said that we have sufficiently accumulated proof by radar and electronic hardware, which demonstrate that psychological oppressor bases have been harmed. 
Armed force Emergency clinic has Masood Azhar: Report 

Before, Pakistani Remote Clergyman Shah Mahmood Qureshi had conceded that Azhar was in his nation and was extremely sick. It was said in the reports that Azhar was being treated at the Military emergency clinic in Rawalpindi. As per Indian authorities, Masood's kidney is awful. 

Genius of Parliament, Pathankot and Pulwama assault 

Masood Azhar has done the most hazardous fear assaults in India. The 2001 Parliament assault, Mumbai assaults in 2008, Pathankot airbase in 2016 and Masood Azhar is behind the CRPF assault in Pulwama in 2019. 

Azhar Masood was captured in India in 1994 
Jash criminal Masood Azhar was captured from Anantnag in February 1994. In 1994, Azhar was on a Portuguese international ID from Bangladesh by means of Bangladesh. After this he achieved Kashmir. In any case, after the Kandahar airplane kidnapping in 1999, Azhar had left the then BJP Government in return for the travelers' prosperity.

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