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Trade war: Will America be heavy on China?

There has been an uproar between China and the USA just before the deal on mutual trade.

The US is going to introduce new imports (tariffs) from Friday to China's $ 200 billion worth of goods. Earlier it was 10 percent, which is now going to be 25 percent.

For the last several months, the proposal for trade agreement between the two countries was going on and this was going to be signed on Friday.

But the United States has made fresh allegations on China and said that China has made some significant changes in the original proposal.

Although China is denying it and its top negotiator Liu has reached Washington for the deal.
Now it has to be seen whether there is a compromise between China and Russia in the final time. Tukki is being called 'Trade War' in the international media about trade.

In the event of non-settlement, the US will impose heavy import tax on Chinese goods. But China has warned that if this happens, then she is fully prepared to take revenge.

But the Trump's stance is not getting soft. Addressing a rally of supporters on Wednesday night, he accused China of breaking trade agreements and expressed interest in raising tax on Chinese goods.

It seems that the trade agreement between the two countries has reached the brink of collapse. But what will be the benefit of the breakdown of the agreement?

In the last few months, China's economy has started to suffer from recession. But on the other hand, America's economy has improved considerably. The American President is in a position to take advantage of this.

China's economy is not in a position to take any new challenge at this time.

The trade deficit between the two countries is $ 300 billion. The trade between the two countries is 500 billion dollars in which most of the goods are exported from China.

The issue of trade deficit was even before Trump. But the previous US governments did not adopt a stubborn approach like that of Trump Administration.

But trade war is not the only reason among the two countries. The United States thinks China stole its technology, they are in the business and in every way China is sucking America.

Trump says that "I am the only President who does not give any chance to China, before the presidents did this." I will not let American technology go. '

Therefore, Huawei, which is China's biggest telecom company, has completely banned the United States.

The United States is trying to stop China's growth in every way. These are very bad days for China because the countries of Europe are doing the same with China.

Although the basic concern of European countries is technology. They accuse that Chinese companies are teasing technology and when European companies go to China, they are pressured to provide technology.

It is not that between the two countries, there is no other issue except business.

Now America has sent two warships to Japan and Taiwan Islands. One of these dimensions is the relationship between the two countries.

But in the weak condition of China, not only the United States, but also the rest of the country

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