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A scientist from Oxford came to the research that the aliens are on the earth

His eyes are constantly on all of us.  In the future, the time will come when these aliens can interbreed with humans, which will bring new superhuman species.  This thing would be looking absurd and uncomfortable, but it is a well known scientist of Oxford.
He has created this in his new book, Tehelka in the scientific world.  His entire book is based on how the aliens are present among us all over the earth.

 In the coming times when climate change and global warming will pose a threat to the end of the earth, then the species produced by interfering through aliens will save the world.

 A scientist of Oxford Research

 The name of the person who writes the book is the doctor Yang Chee Chei.  Doctors Chey is the well-known name in the scientific world beyond Oxford and beyond.  Doctor is a professor at the Young Oxford Oriental Institute.  They are telling their talk through scientific lectures.  He has been talking about this for the last several years.  But now he has written a book to strengthen his view, which is in great discussion.


 Aliens are on Earth

 In April 2018, the physician Chey called on it a debit at Oxford.  His book is in Korean language, but some parts of it have been translated.  They have to say that the earth and the human species present here are in crisis.

 A scientist from Oxford also said that aliens can interbreed with the inhabitants and give birth to new species at the time.

nbsp;Aliens are constantly watching us.  They do not want to destroy the earth and its present species, so here they will create new hybrid species with interbreeding with humans.  These species will live on Earth  However, they will remain invisible and will continue to work.

 Aliens smarter than us
 Something similar was repeated in a meeting of scientists in Paris in March.  At the METI International meeting, some scientists said that aliens are smarter than us.  They deliberately want to keep themselves away from humans, they may think that after knowing the truth, interference in humans will increase their lives.

 Look at every activity of human beings
 Some scientists said that the way UFOs are seen continuously in the Earth's atmosphere, it means that after searching, aliens are keeping an eye on every human activity.  Perhaps they also do not want to upset the earth.

 In a meeting of scientists sometime ago in Paris, it was believed that aliens are smarter than us, they are constantly watching us

 In fact, since 1950, there is a meeting of Messaging More Territorial Intelligence in every second year in Paris, in which the researchers are exploring the gathering.

 Then the aliens will start the project
 Doctor Chey, in his book, says that the time the aliens have reached Earth and are invisible among us, from that time the earth is passing through Climate Change, Nuclear Weapons and other major problems.  He also says that the probability is that when the human civilization from the earth is on the verge of ending, then the aliens start their hybrid project here.


nbsp;It has been argued in the book that if we start working on climate change now, then we can not only save ourselves but also prove the wrong of the aliens.

 There are four types of aliens
 Doctor Chey believes that there are four types of aliens - small-scale and long, thin and snake-like eyes and aliens like insects.  They have to say that aliens like worms are in the highest order, which order their lower rank.  They also believe that all Aliens are working on hybrid projects.

 According to the physician Cheyse aliens are of four types

 UFOs are constantly being watched
 Over the last several decades, strange things have been seen in the atmosphere of the earth, and we have seen the strange flying horoscope.  The Washington Times recently published a report about this.  It has been said that many veterinarians and trained pilots have claimed to see such fast moving spherical things, which can not be taken lightly.  Everyone told it differently, some said it roaming around, some said it roaming.  Some said that they have seen some white objects.

 What will be the contact?
 Scientists have now started saying that in the next one and a half and two decades, the aliens will either be able to contact or meet them.  Humans have been searching for aliens for years.  Sometimes the help of telescope is taken for his search, and then he has been trying to find telescopes and ships in space.  Radio waves are also being sent from the land for many days.

nbsp;For the last several decades, UFO sighting has been claimed in the Earth's atmosphere.

 Where do the aliens come from?
 NASA and other large space agencies believe that there was first life on Mars.  They also have to say that our same solar system comes from aliens.  NASA's planetary science department has to say that there is a possibility of having a potential life in four spaces in the solar system.  They have to believe in their predecessor that there must have been life on Mars first.  In addition, three satellites are expected to have life on Titan, Europa and Anselds.

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