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Accounts of dead people can be more than Facebook's live users' accounts

The number of dead people's account can be higher on Facebook than in the next 50 years.  This information is given by Oxford University scientists.  This concept is very important about how to keep your digital heritage in future.

In an analysis, it has been estimated that on the basis of 2018 Facebook users, at least 1.4 billion users will die before the year 2100.  In this situation, accounts of dead people by the year 2070 can be higher than the number of live users' accounts.

 The Oxford University's doctoral candidate, Carl Ohman, said that these figures are creating new and difficult questions about who will be entitled to this data and how it will be kept in the best interests of the families and friends of the dead.  In the future, historians will use it to understand the past.

 If the world's largest social networking site continues to expand its current pace, then the number of dead users can reach 4.9 billion before the end of the century.

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