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Bhagora Neerav Modi could not trust the court about not running out of Britain

London.  Fugitive diamond businessman Neerav Modi did not give a British court a confidence in Wednesday that he would not run out of Britain.  The court rejected Modi's bail petition for the third time.  However, Modi's lawyers offered to double the amount of bail, i.e. 2 million pounds.  At the same time, he said that he is ready to stay in his London-based detention facility for twenty-four hours.  Modi is accused of bank fraud and money laundering in India with the Punjab National Bank for up to $ 2 billion.

 The 48-year-old Modi, wearing a light blue shirt and pants, appeared before the chief magistrate of the Westminster Magistrate Court Emma Arbuthnot.  During the long hearing, Barrister Claire Montgomery told the judge that the conditions in Wandsworth Jail are not worth living.  Modi is ready to accept any condition that will be imposed on him.  Also read-

 However, at one point during the hearing, it seemed that Judge Arbuthnot would probably give bail on condition of fourteen hours of detention.

 However, the aftermath did not agree with these arguments.

 Magistrate Arbuthnot, while warning of Modi's violation of the bail conditions, said, "Even now, considering all things like affecting the witnesses, destroying computer servers and mobile phones and the lack of local community (UK) community.  It is feared that he will not appear in front of the court (after the exemption on bail). "

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