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Cardamom and black pepper have less weight than killing, knowing how to consume

People do not use the cost-cutting techniques, exercises, diet plans, and so on in the name of weightloss, they also use expensive drugs sold in the market. But after using these drugs, their side effects are also seen. But Ayurveda has been told about many such things which are effective without losing weight without any side effects. There are many spices in our kitchen which have natural properties for weight loss. Similarly, cardamom and black pepper are two such things of Indian spices which are very effective in weight loss. Let's know how you can burn fat by using them.
 इलायची में होते है गजब के गुण

Cardamom is rich in potato
potassium, calcium and magnesium, minerals are present in it. A substantial amount of potassium intake of cardamom is maintained in the body. Cardamom accelerates digestion and has an element called melatonin which is helpful in fat burning. Cardamom intake helps in extracting anti-oxidants present in the body.

 इलायची वाली चाय
Cardamom tea tea is also very good for tea, which you can drink in the morning. You will chew a small coconut in the morning and eat it and then drink humming water and then drink lukewarm water. This keeps your digestive system well and weight is also low. Potassium powder is also very effective in weight loss. Add half a teaspoon of elastic powder to hot water and you will get good results.

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