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The Baba who gave the status of a minister to the BJP is now saying, 'Keep the two watchmen in turn'

Digvijay Singh's Candidate Hatha Yoga in Madhya Pradesh
बीजेपी से कांग्रेस में शामिल हुए कम्प्यूटर बाबा ने पीएम मोदी को दी चुनौती, कहा- राम मंदिर बनाओ नहीं तो....

Bhopal: Baba, who was given the status of minister of state in the state of Madhya Pradesh in Madhya Pradesh a year ago, is now saying that change of 'janitor' was changed. Namdev Tyagi alias Computer Baba (Pragya Thakur), who came forward in support of Congress candidate from Digvijay Singh from Bhopal (Bhopal) in the Lok Sabha Elections 2019, does not consider Sadhvi. Baba said that 'Sadhu massacre, not with bomb blast, will not be with terrorism, but with religion'. On the Modi government, he commented that "Ram temple is not Modi nor ... everyone has kept thinking Ram-Ram only now, two watchmen for change."
Bhopal has become a sadhu versus a sadhu now in the Lok Sabha seat. After the saints and sages who came in the nomination of Pragya Thakur from BJP, now the turn is from Digvijay Singh. In support of his computer, Baba took the camp in Bhopal for the next three days under the leadership of Computer Baba. In Saphia College of Cohefija, sadhus have started hiatus for the victory of Digvijay Singh in the hot summer. On Tuesday morning, Digvijay Singh himself came here and worshiped his wife in a saint-meeting. They sought blessings from the saints for victory.

During the hot summer and scorching sunshine on the grounds of Saifia College, the monks were sitting between them by making a circle of different burning keys. If someone saw the sword, then read a mantra. In this pooja, former CM and Congress candidate Digvijay Singh sat along with his wife Amrita Singh to sacrifice sacrifices in the havan kund.
In order to support Digvijay's political forum, now Baba has created a circle of sadhus in the BJP government. Namdev Tyagi alias Computer Baba says on Pragya Thakur's claim that 'he does not know anything, made a scapegoat.' When NDTV asked if they did not consider Pragya a Sadhvi, then Baba said, 'Sadhu is not in the massacre, not with bomb blasts, not with terrorism, but with religion.' Commenting on the Modi government at the Center, he said, "Ram temple is not Modi ... ... everyone has kept thinking Ram-Ram only now, two watchmen for change."
In Bhopal, the BJP is reverting in the battle of Sadhvi V. Sadhu, the couple is leaving the mouth. Pragya Singh Thakur said on the gathering of the sadhus, 'Nirmal Man jan shah mohi pawa, Mohi kapat cheal khodra na bhava'. BJP spokesman said Sambit Patra 'farm now went when devoured Bird Pctawat what is being ... before Digvijay Singh said militant Hindus are now worship through bowing to saffron.

Computer Baba claims that 7000 saints are gathered from the 13 akhadas in the field, which will first show the tenacity and road shows. But there were some saints who did not know that the stage is political, so they left the Pandal. Jaankidas, who came from Kairiladham said, 'Road shows will do. What do we take, we do not know about this.' At the same time, Premadas Bairagi, who came from Pune said, "There is a political party promoting here. We will be gone, we are a monk, we live for religion, we die and become a monk. ' At the same time, Ramchandra Das, who came from Gujarat, said, "All Mahatmas have been captured. Everyone said that the kitchen is, so come. We do not know anything. '

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