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GDP growth was caught by bookkeeping of firms

By using nearly 36 per cent such fertile companies, the Government of India has brightened GDP figures. According to me, the people of India have made owls.

Frugal companies have been used to increase the GDP figure. The National Sample Survey (NSSO) conducted a survey for a year but its report was suppressed. For the first time, survey of service sector companies was being conducted. For this, the NSSO took data from the service sector companies from Corporate Ministry. When they went to explore the companies, they did not know. There were 15 percent companies who were missing. 21 percent of companies came out who knew but had stopped. By using nearly 36 per cent such fertile companies, the Government of India has brightened GDP figures. According to me, the people of India have made owls. When the poll opened in the survey report, the report was suppressed.
You know that the method of gdp assessment was changed in 2015 Even then, the experts in this field raised questions. N Nagaraj said that for the purpose of linking the GDP, the companies whose bookkeeping has been taken from the corporate ministry should be independent check whether they are correct or not. Nagraj again asked for this. N. Nagraj is a statistical scholar in the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development in Mumbai. They want the data of the corporate ministry to be referred to the researcher before using these data in the National Bookkeeping (GDP) so that they can check the truth.

This is a huge scam. The crime of lying to the public is serious. Prime Minister Modi claims to close many lakhs of paper companies. But now it is coming out that they are using these paper companies so that the rate of GDP is increased. Has the country's economy ruined so much that the GDP figures are being prepared?

In India, the number of assessments based on the data base were ruined. In December, two members of the National Statistical Council (NSC) resigned because the unemployment report was suppressed. The highest unemployment figures had come in 45 years. Two members resigned in protest of this. Six months have passed, new members have not been replaced in their place. The labor ministry which conducted the survey, which received regular information on unemployment, was closed. While there was credibility of these figures in India around the world. It was said that a new systematic system would be formed but it could not be made till today.

When new GDP shows that the average GDP growth has increased in UPA's time, it was denied. The Finance Minister has been talking about delivering 8 per cent GDP. Double digit was also bluffed but now it does not matter. If the world guru India wiggles on the basis of lies then the world will laugh at us and laugh at us.

Pritam Bhattacharya's report of live mint with GDP is reported. Recently, there was a good report on the decline in statistical institutions in the live mint. Be sure to read the readers of Hindi. There are no such stories in Hindi newspapers and channels. There the place is filled with statements from Modi and Shah. It is an attempt that the people of Hindi are fools.


Not only false figures, BJP supporters were also fooled. They thought that's really amazing. Even though Narendra Modi is speaking third-class language for politics but he is doing a number of work in the economy. Now it also turned out based on lies. To give supporters to favors by creating such dozens of measures in the WhatatsAP University Supporters felt that India has become a super power. This is the first government that lies to its supporters too. Supporters are working on IT cell work on the basis of this lie. First of all, they fool them, then the country. If the correct data comes, then people would be asking questions. Has Modi jumped the economy of India?

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