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If you sleep during work in this company then you will get salaries separately

A job is a way from which millions of people live in the whole world. Whether it is a job at a private institution or a government company, everyone has the desire to get a good salary for his work. But in this race race people are not able to pay attention to their health at all. Nor sleep with peace nor eating with peace.

So today we are going to tell you about such a job for all of you. Where you get some leisure time, some fun and some leisure time along with the best salary, what would you say?

If you think of everything before, let us tell you that this is not a dream. Now there are many such boats where you are also offered salon for sleeping along with work. Japan is a country with some different and unique law rules. Here employees are paid for their full sleep. Because people here do so much work that these people can not get time to relax. So now here the company has made rules that employees can get plenty of comfort.

Japan's Wedding Organizer, Crazy Inc., specializes in the facilities of all its employees. For which, he points to all employees according to his rules. According to these points, the employees who sleep for about 6 hours in five days of the week sleep.

Every year 64,000 yen (about 41,000 thousand rupees) is given to the employees who take it. In addition to this, the company has also developed an app called "Aireway Inn" to ensure that the employee does not have any type of greeting, so that he can take stock of the staff's sleep.

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