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Kamal Nath told the charge sheet of the BJP, the cloth of lies, said all charges were false

Madhya Pradesh's CM Kamal Nath has termed the charge sheet issued by BJP against the Congress government of the state saying that it is very shameful that those who have given their 15-year state government and the Center's 5-year center  They have not given the account of government till date, they are making false allegations against the Congress government about four months.

 Kamal Nath has said that one charge is not true in this entire charge sheet, all charges are false.  All the things that have been said are baseless.  It is good that the BJP brought a true accusation in this charge sheet, if one of us faces a failure, then we get an opportunity to improve it.  Kamal Nath said that the BJP is telling the charge sheet that so far the debt of a single farmer has not been waived.  No farmer got certificate of debt waiver.  This is the biggest lie of the BJP till now.

 Kamal Nath said that the loan of about 21 lakh farmers has been waived and funds have already been given in their account, along with certificates have also been given to them.  False accusations have also been imposed in the chargesheet on electricity.  Power crisis is said to be about. However, electricity surplus is available in the state.  There is no crisis of electricity in the state.

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