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Learn why again and again after the death of Baghdadi, know its rule ...!

The gangster Abu Bakar al Baghdadi, a gang of outrageous organization IS (Islamic State), has once again been alive after his death, we are not saying this while one of his videos is saying that according to Baghdadi is still alive.  After 5 years, a video of Baghdadi has surfaced since it was said that it was being said that Baghdadi has been killed.  On Monday, the IS released a video, in which Baghdadi is seen and its
hull is also visible in the past.  In addition to this video, an audio from Baghdadi has also been revealed, in which he told the attack on Sri Lanka in April 21, the revenge of the terrorists killed in Baghdad, the last bastion of IS.  After coming to the front of this video, the question is being raised in the minds of people whether the false news of the death of Baghdadi was spread.

 For the last time in 2014, a video of Baghdadi was revealed in which he was present in a mosque and speaking from there he was proclaiming himself the Khalifa of Iraq and Syria.

 Learn how many times have been killed Badaddi September 6, 2014. For the first time in the air raids in September 6, 2014 Baghdadi was injured and then killed, but after that, Baghdadi's audio came out on 13 November 2014 and he  Claimed to be alive of itself.

 April 27, 2015, April 27, 2015, news from the Golan Heights area of ​​Syria that Baghdadi has died in a hospital there, and the news agencies had done this.  But only one month later, evidence of the survival of Baghdadi was found.

 October 12, 2015
 It was only on October 12, 2015, that Baghdadi was badly injured in the army's air raids.  It was claimed that Baghdadi was going to an anonymous place near Iraq and Syria border with some of his companions, only after he was attacked and died after being wounded.  Within a month, the news proved to be false.

 On the evening of June 9, 2016, the US-led coalition army receives news that Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi, the moneylender of ISIS, is going to hide in Syria with a few other big commanders in a convoy of cars.  After this bomb was dropped from the air in this convoy, in which Baghdadi was claimed to have died.

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