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Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Onions are not available for 50 paisa, but Ground Reports

Onions have often called many people. Never a political party, the farmer has never been able to escape from its flick. Even once the price of onion was on the rise due to the price of the onion, then the power of Delhi came to the hands of the present government.
Where the onion is grown, there is some problem for the farmers in the eyes. But for farmers who grow on one side it is equal to gambling for farmers, its profits have never come down in the profits.

In Mandsaur region of Madhya Pradesh or if it is said that garlic and onion are grown mainly in Malwa region of the state.

If you live in metros or in big cities, then guess what rate of onion you are buying?

It is obvious that its price ranges from Rs 12 per kg to Rs 50 per kg. Prashant Bora of Ranchi explains that he bought onions on Wednesday at a rate of 50 rupees per kg.

Farmers can not afford to rent

From the Agricultural Mandi to the fields of Mandsaur, the onion is packed, but it is not a purchase. The farmers who had hoped for better earnings from their good yields are now on the brink of bankruptcy.

Some farmers also brought their grown onions to the government agricultural market in Mandsaur. But due to lack of cost, they left their crops there and went away.

A official official said that this time there are no buyers of onions. They say that the farmers are coming with their crops for the auction. But when the merchants are not taking them, then they are leaving their crops in the market itself.

This is where I met Khushal Singh, who has been frozen with his harvest in the government market for the past two days.

They also cut the auction slip but none came to buy their crop.

He says to the BBC, "I had to pay 60 rupees per quintal for bringing my onion crop to the market." Now there is no one to buy 50 rupees per quintal, that is 50 paise per kg, because it can not be taken back So much money has been taken, now I will go for two more days, otherwise I will leave the onions here. "

Khushal Singh did not expect that the harvest of which he had hoped to be a 'bumper crop' would not be available. The shock that hit them when the Mandi came was also on their health and their blood pressure increased so much that they were admitted to the hospital for treatment.

First garlic has stir
The crop on the four sides of Mandsaur has started rotting. From the market to the farms Since there are not enough buyers and the carriage to take them to the market is also very large, so a large number of farmers have left their crops in the fields.

Elderly farmer Kanwar Lal planted five acres of land. Onion yielded good, but when they came to know that farmers are not getting the prices of onion in the market, they let the crop remain in their fields.

They say that the amount of money spent on taking them to the market will make them even more disadvantage.

Hari Vallabh Sharma, former Sarpanch of Degonda Mali, says that last year farmers had complained of cultivation of garlic, this time it turned onion.

Ram Niwas also remained connected with onion cultivation. He says that he also kept laborers at the rate of 150 rupees every day in the fields. Apart from this, there was also a lot of expenditure on fertilizer and other things. But the crop was left lying.

According to the farmer, Bheru Lal, a farmer of Mandsaur, the crop of onion has also been damaged by ribs. For this reason the farmers are so upset. He says that the state government does not give any minimum support price for onion to the farmers. Because of this, onion cultivation is the same as gaming.

He said, "Whether there is a government of the Center or a state, there is no one to think about the matter of farmers." People are not talking about farmers even in the elections, this time the loss of paddy cultivation in Mandsaur and Malwa region That's the biggest issue. "

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