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PM Modi in Kejriwal gestures at Ramlila Maidan

The battle for Lok Sabha elections is now in its last phase. On Wednesday, the legends gathered in the capital city and tried to convince the voters. Today Prime Minister Narendra Modi organized a rally at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi, while doing Priyanka Gandhi Road Show there. In addition to Delhi, PM Modi also has an election meeting in Haryana. There is a voting in Delhi and Haryana on May 12, in the sixth phase, voting will be held in 59 seats in seven states.
PM Modi in Kejriwal gestures at Ramlila Maidan
PM Modi said that today the country is seeing the fourth generation of nominated family of the country. But this dynastic trend is not limited to just one family. Those who were close to this family, they also kept the flag of dynasty alive. Dikshit Dynasty in Delhi, Hooda Dynasty in Haryana ranges from Bhajan Lal Ji to Bansi Lal Ji, and only the rule of dynasty is going on. Beant Singh family in Punjab, Gehlot and Pilot family in Rajasthan, Scindia, Kamal Nath and Digvijay ji in Madhya Pradesh are shouting slogans of dynasty

The country came to change
but changed itself: ModiPM Modi said these nihilists gave strength to the Punjab opponents and supporters of Khalistan. Even going abroad, contacting anti-national forces, they did not hesitate to keep in touch. They showed their rites by giving abuses to every constitutional institution, every post and every person in the country. He did the job of destroying his every failure. Not only this, these people stood in support of the piece pieces of the gang. These people came to give a new system, but themselves became the second name of chaos and chaos. These people first called everyone anonymously and then apologized for their knees. These people worked to get a U-turn from everything for their personal ambition. Not only this, he has also failed the efforts of new politics in the country. These people came to change the country, but they changed themselves.

In the gesture PM Modi told Kejriwal that the PM Modi said that Delhi is the only state in the country which also saw a fifth model of political culture, its name is Naakapanthi. Not only this, he has also failed the efforts of new politics in the country. These people came to change the country, but they changed themselves. These non-folks have foiled a major movement against corruption. Describing the image of the common man of the country, the image of the common man. Shattered the faith and trust of billions of youth.

PM Modi said that the expansion of the metro, electric mobility, policies related to solar sector, or the work of Next Generation Infrastructure in the capital, the big advantage of this is to get people of Delhi too. One of Delhi's biggest challenges is pollution. The solution to pollution is in the better use of technology and the modern methods of transport.

Red lights lit by leaders and officers by car: Modiji Modi said that in the last 5 years, in the big decisions taken in the country, you have always supported me. If today's red light is coming out of the car with leaders and officers, then the reason for this is all of you. Today, the entire government has reached the reach of your mobile phone, the reason for this is all of you. GST has ended the tax net in the country, GST has been designed in such a way that the country can get rid of inspector raj.

PM Modi, while addressing a rally in Mafiramela Ground, demanded from the people of Delhi, PM Modi said that I want to apologize to the people of Delhi. Many times they are stopped by security forces. Barricading is applied. Living in bullet proof walls is not my passion nor my habit. Whenever there is a chance I have tried to keep this wall side. Often traveling around Delhi Metro, when I am surrounded by people, it is a very memorable moment for me.

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