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Pradod Tiwari to give legal notice to Rajiv Gandhi on insult

Senior Congress leader and former Rajya Sabha member Pramod Tiwari, in the Pratapgad adjoining Amethi and Rae Bareli parliamentary areas by Prime Minister Narendra Modi,  Mr. Rajkumar's public comment on Mr Cleanichit has been strongly condemned by the Modi family on the parliamentary tradition and values.
 Mr. Tiwari has said that self  Rajiv Gandhi, as a holy and uninhabited generation, also posthumously remains an unforgettable personality of the country's crores of people's big faith.  In such a way, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accused Gandhi of misbehaving on the tradition and speaking against the tradition, he has caused great trauma to the country's big public interest by making a tarnished remark.
 Mr. Tiwari said that self.  Rajiv Gandhi ji gave long term ideal parliamentary leadership to the country while focusing on balancing the policies and policies of a honest and democracy by making many laws like the youth franchise, Panchayat Raj Act, Party change bill effective in the form of Prime Minister in the country.  In such a situation, there is tradition and value that there is no untoward and unlimited political and non-political commentary on the person who does not live in the world in any corner of the world.
 Mr. Tiwari said that on the basis of which Rafael's splinter has been brewing and the frustration of defeat is being highlighted, in such a way, by keeping PM on the dignity of the Prime Minister, PM Modi himself has made a shameful comment about Rajiv Gandhi ji, the people of the country  His good will answer.
 Mr. Tiwari has said that Modi Ji's self  The statement given on Rajiv Gandhi ji is very unfortunate and is contrary to decency and dignity, and an Amar Shahid is an insult to martyrdom.
 Mr. Tiwari said that I am taking legal opinion and according to a legal notice, "Prime Minister Modi will be given a statement given on the soil of Pratapgarh."
 Mr. Tiwari has said that it seems that Modi has lost his mental and mental control over his speech and language completely by looking at his impending defeat, and it appears that Modi ji took the language of Rajiv Ji  Is used, it is scandalous and numerical.

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