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The Israeli ambassador came up with a statement on the Lok Sabha elections, saying, 'If the power in India changes' ...

Israel's Ambassador Ron Malka said on Wednesday that the cooperation between India and Israel is growing fast and

New Delhi: Israel's Ambassador Ron Malka said on Wednesday that cooperation between India and Israel is growing at a fast pace and there will be no impact on bilateral relations even if there is a change in government. He said that strategic relations between the two countries are based on shared values ​​and perspectives and in the coming years, cooperation between the two countries will grow.
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During the interaction with the media, the Israeli ambassador was asked if the NDA alliance fails to retain power in the Lok Sabha elections, then there will be any impact on bilateral relations. He said, "I do not see any reason why it should be changed. This is the relationship between the two countries. This relationship is growing and moving forward, who is in power, it does not matter. "

Malka was speaking to the media on the occasion of 71st Independence Day of Israel. He said that both the countries are working to further strengthen relations in diverse areas.

Let's say, on Diwali last year, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had given special and unique congratulations to Indians by drawing attention to them. In congratulatory remarks, along with the Indians, especially his friend PM Modi was mentioned. But the special thing was that it did not mention just in English but also in the official language of India in Hindi. Benjamin Netanyahu used Hindi to congratulate India. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted in Hindi, "On behalf of the people of Israel, I want to congratulate my dear friend PM Narendra Modi and the people of India on Diwali. This luminous festival of lights gives you happiness and prosperity. We would be very happy if you answered this tweet, by the name of the city where you are celebrating this festival.

Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted the same post in English. PM Narendra Modi also gave this unique tweet to Benjamin Netanyahu in his unique way. He tweeted, "Thank you for congratulating Bibi, my friend, Deepawali. Every year he goes to border areas of India and he is surprised by his soldiers. Even this year, he will spend some time with his brave soldiers. Spending time with those soldiers is special in itself. I will share those memorable photographs with you on Wednesday. ' Let me tell you that PM Narendra Modi also responded by tweeting in Israeli language.

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