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The world's most beautiful house, do not live any man

Whenever people get time, they think of spending some leisure time in the village.  Even though there are still elderly people in the villages.
 Because they like to spend their time in the village.  But did you know that you have heard or seen any such village that is very beautiful in appearance but does not live here a man.  Do not be surprised because this is a true one.
 This village is built on German architecture
 There is a village called Kopihil Down on the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire.  It is one of the most beautiful and beautiful villages.  Regardless of this, there is no single person visible here.  The main reason behind this is that this village was built by the British Army.  During the Cold War, Britain's army built this village for mock drill and practice.  When it was named FIBUA, meaning fighting in built up areas  Explain that this unique village was built on the lines of the Balkul village of Germany during the Cold War in 1988.  Expanded here in the last few years, it came to know that it was made like a poor settlement.
 This village was constructed.  Because the present operation of the army in Iraq and Afghanistan can get training in the surrounding area from there.  In this village, the common man is not allowed to enter because there is a ban on it.  While many such facilities are used by some British airsoft event organizers and historical redevelopment societies.

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