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This is the world's most dangerous crater, the price is in crores ...

The cost of the people is the price of their goods, but have you ever heard the price of a pit?  Today we are going to tell about this.  Listening will be a bit weird but this is true.  Knowing its worth will become even more surprising.  It can not be counted in thousands, not even in millions, even in crores.  In reality, the value is 1133 billion.  So let's know what this is like in this particular pit.

This most precious crater in the world is located in the famous Mir Min, named Diamond City in Eastern Syriac.  It is a diamond mine, and it is one of the world's most dangerous pits.  So its price is so much too.  Underground tunnels were planted in the mine after 2004.  Found 6 million carat rough diamonds from these underground tunnels in 2014.  Not only that, on average, 2 lakh carat diamonds emerge every year from this mine.  Which costs around 20 million pounds.

 The special thing is that, around the pit near the pit, 23 percent diamond diamonds emerge from the world's rough diamonds.  The size of the largest diamond is equal to the golf ball, which is quite valuable.  This crater is a quarry owned by Russian company Alrosa.  The depth of this mine is 1722 ft and the circumference of this pit is about three and a half kilometers.  It is also considered very dangerous.

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