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The powers of love-compassion and anger-hate are always active in this world.

In this world, we get to see the power of love and anger in a big or small form. The inner peace of every human being is the basis of the creation of a peaceful society. But sometimes when there is a difficult situation in front of us, instead of being calm we get angry and react. How can your angerful reactions reduce?
The powers of love-compassion and anger-hate are always active in this world. It's like a two-headed swing game. The question is, at what point do you want to be on this swing? If we are really on the brink of a horrific situation, then it is even more important that the spiritual process be implemented more forcefully, because ultimately this is the only thing that can bring a mental balance between people.
Please note that the moment you start believing in such things, which are not a vibrant experience for you, then you are physically in conflict. Today you are a peaceful person, but yesterday when someone really opposes your belief, then you stand up and fight.

What is the sense of going towards a belief? What are the benefits of going to trust? Just that your ego feels comfortable and satisfied. 'I do not know' hurts the ego very badly. Only by 'I know' can you increase your ego. In any situation, when you say 'I do not know', you can not fight with anybody, you can not clash with anyone. You are a very humble and wonderful person.

Without being able to bring peace inside you, you can not bring peace to the world. If you can not make this small mind peaceful, can you make the world peaceable? What you are seeing in the world is just an extension of your small mind, your brain is a bigger form. Is there something happening in the world which is not happening in your mind? It is also happening in your mind too.

The science of yoga is a way of looking inside you. Looking inside does not mean seeing from any perspective or principle - you just have to look inside yourself. If your identity is related to something, then you can not see it inside you. The moment your identity is associated, all doors are closed for you. How do you think and feel, depends on what your identity is right now.

Let's assume that you see yourself as an Indian. Now if any situation comes, you feel in a special way and give feedback. That thing may be right in the national interest at that moment, but instead of reacting, you can face situations more wisely. When your identity is connected to something, then you just become a reaction. You do not have the option to think in another way. You do not have the ability to see the other person's perspective. You do not have the ability to see where the problem is from. You just will react.
It is better that you work with your intellect, just do not react. To work with intelligence, first you have to see things in the same form as they really are; they have to be left to see and connect with any identity. The moment you look at something related to an identity, you become biased towards it.

Meditation is a way to help you give up your identity and experience real peace. At least when you sit and meditate, nothing else does exist. Just the creature is there, nothing else.

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