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Whenever you call a mechanic, make sure to test it. Avoid working from unskilled mechanics

The heat is increasing day by day ... the AC curves take place. The gas ... gets coiling checked, now the need is felt ...

Perhaps, thinking of something similar, Vasu, who lives in Serra Housing Society of Sector-92 in Gurugram, would have called those two people to repair the AC.
Israel: Why Netanyahu does not make the government even after winning Those two people are no longer in this world, they have died.
This case has been registered at Sector 10 A police station of Gururgram.

Sanjay Yadav, SHO, Sector 10A police station, explains that during the filling of the gas, the compressor of AC was blasted and he died. Vasu, the owner of the house in which he had come to repair the AC, has also suffered severe injuries and he is admitted to the hospital.
Police is investigating the case, the bodies of both the dead bodies have been postmortemed, their dead bodies have been handed over to their families, and the other two people, including the company's CEO, from the app company, both of them were sent to the IPC Section 304 , The case has been registered under 337 and 34.

There have been reports in some media that the two people who came to work were not experienced and the incident happened due to this. Although the company has not made any such statement on its behalf, but it has definitely said that he has full sympathy with the families of the deceased.
In the Center for Science and Environment (CSE) Program Manager, Avikal Somvanshi spoke to BBC Hindi about this.
"The danger remains in everything, but it is definitely that if caution is taken, it probably does not happen," says Awkal.

First of all, it is important to understand why compressors are bad because if the good company has purchased AC, then it does not need to be repaired for four to five years, but it depends on a great deal. That's where Compressor felt.

"If the compressor is replaced in a place where poisonous gases are excessive then the compressor will be damaged very soon, in such a case, the direction of compressor should always be taken care of."

But if you are repairing AC then it is very important to keep some things in mind ...

- Whenever you call a mechanic, make sure to test it. Avoid working from unskilled mechanics. When he comes, take all the information from him, check his experience and also decide where he has been trained to become a recognized institution.

It is very important to ensure that the mechanic has all the resources. In terms of security and more to work.

Wherever the work of repair and gas-filling of AC is being done, there should not be a closed room. It will be safe to reduce it at the open space.

- Do not crowd too much when the AC rearing work is done. Especially keep children away.

While there are some precautions to keep certain precautions during AC repairing, at the time of purchase, some things should be kept in mind.
- If not very important, give priority to window AC as the maintenance of window AC is easier than split.

- Buy AC whenever purchased from a standard company so that the company can be contacted whenever the company is bad. Standard companies also offer warranty, which guarantees good servicing.

- The quality of the gas which is filled in AC depends on the company-company, then buy AC after sufficient investigation.

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