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Bharat Movie Audience Reaction: 'Emotions like sleeping, old Salman's role is more'

Bharat Movie Audience Reaction
Seeing the first show of Salman Khan's "India", what the audience has said, he can trouble Salman Khan. The hope with which people had come to see, was not fulfilled. Salman again tried to capitalize on the innocence of 'Tuolite' and 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' but did not succeed.

One Kapal says, 'Katrina and Salman are in the film and how long they will talk about romance. Salman Khan keeps playing his job all the time. Filing with one or two songs is not romance. '

The elderly seemed to be the fan of Salman Khan but was not happy. It is a bad idea to start the national anthem suddenly, half the national antagonists do not understand that it will be fulfilled or stopped in the middle. Such jokes of emotions are not right.
A group of students said, "How do we connect with this movie, there is nothing in our time. Partition lament dominate the whole film, why talk about it today! Partition has made good emotional films, why would it be seen in Salman's name? There is nothing in Salman's story that makes it special. The story of the common man is more than that. Emotions are such that there is no crying, sleep does come. To see the young Salman, the old man met Salman. '
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The bottom line is that in the praise of the film, only the song 'Slow Motion' is mentioned, because of the presence of Patni's direction. Please tell us that 'India' has been released on about 4700 screens. It has 1300 screens overseas. Salman and Katrina in 'India' are Tabu, Jackie Shroff, Direction Patni, Nora Fatehi and Sunil Grover. Recognizing the pages of history, six decades of the story of Salman has been shown. This story has also been linked to the development journey of the country. 'India' director Sunil Grover.. Atul Agnihotri and T-Series made it. This is Salman's first release this year.

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